Sound Creator / Track Maker

Takehiro Okuyama is a DJ and Composer of minimal tech and dub techno. He has started making musics since 17 years old and not so long after, his musics were used by a lots of medias such as TV commercials, films and remix CDs in Japan. In 2005, He and his friend, Toru Ilemoto began to play together as Yotogi, and the 1st EP and 002 were released from Monoid Recording in Germany which is known for the Len Faki.

Today, he is running as a solo DJ. In 2013, His EP was released by MONA in Spain, also his remix was released by Hypnotic Room in Australia. In the following year, A world minimal artist, Alex Under was recognized for his ability and Alex got him joint the Blanco Perfecto V.A released by CMYK musik.

He has revealed a great dedication for working as a producer these days, that are committed to become the world's leading DJs such as Cesar Martinez, Fernando Sanz, Fizgig, Heartthrob and Oxan.

  • TOY EP